Marie-Louise Andersson is a danish artist living and working in Berlin. She mainly works with performance as living sculptures. By combining musical gestures with scenography, costume, sound, light, and sculpture, she alter her appearance into dreamlike constellations.
Marie-Louise’s work focuses on the tactile and the auditory, why choice of materials has a paramount importance in her working process.

Her latest collaborative work ‘Under vand’ as artist duo Barbara & Marie-Louise, debuted with the concert performance ‘Under Vand’ at Mayhem, a scene for experimental music and performance art in Copenhagen in September 2017.
‘Under Vand’ is an odyssey into a soundscape determined by rhythm and mood - without words or logic - into the deeper unknown.
Surreal oyster-bodies are comprised of minimal repetitive movements that flow between subtle shifts and variations, creating an acoustic balancing act on metal.